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To discover Soul Messages and Transformation with Reea, Conscious Channel, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor and Past Life Therapist 

Reea is a gifted Psychic Empath and Conscious Conduit for the Goddess Ma’at.  You will be delighted by the messages she brings through in her Psychic Readings, as she tunes into your unique energetic frequency and connects with her Higher Guidance.  Reea brings wisdom, penetrating insight and a down to earth approach to her gifts.  You will experience profound shifts in the way you understand yourself and your journey through Life.  See your relationships, your challenges and your Awakening to Ascension from a higher perspective. Learn more….

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Client Love…

Thank you so much for the reading. It helped me heaps. You were so spot on. Was shaking and in tears by the end of it as you gave me the guidance i really needed.

Akia 2017

I had a wonderful reading. Everything that was said was bang on!

Dale 2017

Reaa is SIMPLY AMAZING! She knew exactly what I am going through, to the very minute detail. Incredibly supportive, empathetic and accurate. Reaa is the real deal. I will continue to have Reaa in my life from this day on. Do not hesitate in booking a reading with her, I thank my angels for sending me in her direction. She is wonderful.

Catherine 2017

Feeling so much Clarity and peace today..Had a great reading/guidance with Reea Pawley (Psychic Life Coach) yesterday. Even though I am an intuitive reader and have many psychic friends, I dont generally like to do readings for myself or have friends do this as it can be biased I decided to speak to Reea:) Not a decision I take lightly but felt drawn..Great Decision!...I found out I have many more lives in different dimensions and planets than I have on earth..something I had felt but was great to have confirmation for this weird old soul/young soul polarity thing I have which is challenging at times! ( and which Reea had no idea of this from me before reading..very accurate soulful reading:)..Thank you Reea!

Ebony 2017

Thank you so much for the reading you gave me today,  for people that really know me know exactly how correct and spot on it was!

Kirsty 2017

I was lucky enough to get a live reading, my 1st live reading. I had just about given up hope cause i was told I was hard to read (by another person).  The things Reea said hit home and gave me clarity and things to work on. I loved her straight forward, not beating around the bush reading. Thanks again, I will be back for more soon.

Rachel 2017

Reea is simply AMAZING!  I had been bothered about an issue in my life, and came across Reea's fb page. On it was a post offering a free reading. I post my query, and to my surprise she was guided to me and confirmed everything I had been wondering about.  So very thankful that I was guided to her.  I recommend to connect with Ree if you are needing any clarity in your life.  I can't say it enough, she is truly AMAZING!!!!!

Dani 2017

“Reea is amazing, So in depth and spot on! Highly recommend you give her a try, I will use her in the future more often.”

Sarah 2016

“I have just had a reading with Reea and it was the most accurate reading I have ever had, everything she said was absolutely precise, she was very encouraging and really positive. She went into great detail into a lot of things. I would highly recommend her if your looking for a good reading with someone, you won’t be disappointed by her! ”

Julian 2016