About Reea

Reea was born in this lifetime into a long line of strong women who took premonitions, pre-cognitive dreams, reincarnation and spirit communication for granted. Her maternal grand-mother entertained her with stories of past lives in Spain and in the courts of the English kings. Like many old souls Reea spent the first part of her life dealing with all the typical challenges of; dysfunctional family, marriage, divorce, single-parenting, abusive relationships and depression. At the same time she was busy gathering various professional qualifications as she moved from one career to the other covering such diverse fields as; health, education, employment, commerce and hospitality. Reea spent 22 years as a school teacher and careers guidance counsellor before a series of synchronistic and extremely painful challenges guided her down the path of becoming a and Intuitive Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Behind her professional working life, Reea’s Guides were helping her to develop the psychic skills she had inherited and without even realizing it she began to use them in her work with private clients. It became common for disgruntled husbands in relationship coaching to accuse Reea of knowing things they had not told her! She could spend five minutes with a young student and ‘know’ their level of intelligence, limitations and careers they would go on to have.  At the time she didn’t realize that she had made an agreement to become a conscious channel.

Reea came to her psychic abilities through her work as a Counsellor and Intuitive Coach so it was understandable that the Guides she attracted were very interested in helping to empower her clients and teach them how to consciously create better lives for themselves. Clients would come back after a session and ask say, “What did you do to me, I feel so much better!” Reea’s Guides were coming through in sessions and healing those clients that were ready and open to it on a Soul level. Private hypnotherapy clients began to spontaneously have past life recall and it became more and more clear that Reea’s healing abilities went back way beyond the reaches of her current genaeological inheritance. Reea began to connect intuitively to the Goddess Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony and daughter of Ra the Sun God.   She discovered that she had first learnt her unique way of connecting to Spirit as a temple priestess and had made an agreement to become a conscious channel in this lifetime. Reea has also had lives in Lemuria, Atlantis and as an Oracle in Delphi.

At the same time Reea is very grounded, intellectual and deep thinking. She has studied with some of the world’s most famous personal development, past life and psychic experts; Brian Weiss, Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon, Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins. She has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Masters in NLP, Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Education and Graduate Certificate in Counselling.

Reea is also a graduate from the University of Life having raised three gorgeous children and now three even more gorgeous grand-children. She now lives and works on the Gold Coast in Australia and works one or one with private clients to assist them to raise their vibration, release their limitations and to know themselves as Divine multidimensional Beings having a human experience. On our path to Ascension, as we move into the 4th dimension and beyond, it is vitally important that we all work on ourselves and give service to others to do everything we can to assist the Ascension process of the plant by expanding our own unique, beautiful Consciousness.