Soul Readings


For the first 10-15 minutes of your Soul Readings,  Reea will connect with her Guide, Goddess Ma’at and your Soul and Spirit Guides to bring through any messages or information that is relevant to you at the time of the Soul Reading.  During the first part of the Reading some of the information that comes through will be things you already know and this is your validation that this Reading is truly just for you.  Reea is a Psychic Empath or Clairsentient and Clairvoyant and will tune into your unique energy frequency and pick up your most prevalent vibrational resonance at that time.  She will also be able to read your personality, where you are on your karmic cycle and your Soul maturity.

Then it will be time in your Soul Readings for you to ask your questions. You can show Reea photos of anyone you are in relationship with if you would like to ask questions about that relationship. Spirit will not answer personal questions about other people unless they relate directly to your relationship with them. You can show Reea photos on your mobile phone but please make sure she can see their eyes and they are not wearing sunglasses.​

​Reea has worked with thousands of people  to bring through clear information, guidance and assistance. At the beginning of each Soul Reading, Reea will ask for a moment of quiet while she clears her energy and connects to you and your Spiritual Guides. Once she’s established a connection, she spends five to ten minutes allowing the information from your Guides to flow in, which she then passes on to you. Your responsibility is to confirm whether or not what she is saying makes sense and resonates with you. Next, Reea will ask you what you wanted to look at, cover, or understand during the session. You’ll be able to ask questions about any part of your life, about your relationships with the people in your life, about challenges you are facing and more. Reea is not a fortune teller. She will receive information on the most likely direction for an event or occurrence, but because she believes in free will (which means that you can change your future at any time based on the decisions you make and the energetic thought patterns you hold) she prefers instead to help you understand why something is heading in a certain direction and give you intuitive guidance, tools and techniques around how to maintain or change it.

After Reea’s Soul Readings, you may find yourself more motivated to make changes on which you were previously dragging your feet. You may also find that you are able to look at situations, relationships or people in a more helpful light – thereby allowing you to finally begin to move forward. Reea’s Soul Readings aren’t just about receiving information about your present life, her sessions are intended to arm you with the information and perspective necessary to truly move forward in your life.

After checkout Reea will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment time. Your session can be in person in Newcastle, Australia or on skype or Facebook Video. Reea has a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. You may change your appointment time provided you arrange it with Reea 48 hours before. Before your session take a look at ‘Session Preparation’

Email Soul Readings

An email Reading allows you to ask 3 questions and you will receive an in depth written response within 3-4 working days. After checkout you will need to email Reea with your questions and photos. Please ensure that photos show the persons eyes. You will need to send your photo and the photo of anyone you are in relationship with that you would like to ask about. Spirit will not answer personal questions about another person without their permission so only questions about your relationship with them can be asked. Spend some time considering the best way to ask your questions. If you ask general questions such as “tell me about my career” or “am I going to find happiness”, you will receive a broad general answer. Most people want specific answers so ask a specific question. This is not the time to be skeptical, put all that aside and allow open and honest communication with your Guides and Higher Self. Take a look ‘Session Preparation’ before you send your email.


Online Soul Readings – Skype, Facebook Video, Phone

Soul Readings online are one hour. All sessions are recorded. After checkout Reea will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable appointment time. Reea lives) in Newcastle, Australia and all appointments will be between 10am and 4pm her time. Before your session you will need to email Reea with any photos of people you would like to ask questions about that you are in relationship with. Spirit will not answer personal questions about others unless it relates directly to your relationship with them in some way. Make sure Reea can see the eyes in all photos.

Think carefully about the questions you would like to ask and write them down. Please read ‘Session Preparation’ first.

You will also need to send Reea a Skype contact request 24 hours before your session. Her skype name is ‘Soronaa’