Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression $400

Past Life Regression is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever have.  Imagine being transported to another lifetime you have lived and just ‘knowing’ everything you need to know about yourself in that lifetime.  You can take this journey for the purpose of healing some unwanted challenge you are having in this lifetime or just for an adventure. You will journey to at least 2 other lifetimes, they could be in what you perceive to be your future or your past because really all time is simultaneous.  They may be on planet Earth or they could be on a different planet or in another dimensional plane.  Everyone can take this journey with the right support and preparation.  It’s also a wonderful way to reconnect with gifts and talents you had in other lifetimes.

Past Life Regression takes between 3-4 hours in a private session in Newcastle, Australia and all sessions are recorded for you. Your session must be paid for at the time of booking. Reea has a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you contact her more than 48 hours before your appointment you can change the appointment time.​

During this experience you will first spend time with Reea discussing an overview of your life and your current challenges. You will then be lead into a deep trance experience where you will be taken back in time through this lifetime, back into the womb and then into another of your lives. It is up to your unconscious mind/Higher Self to determine where you will go. We set an intention for healing in our discussion before your hypnosis begins and your Higher Self will take it from there. You will visit 2-3 other lifetimes and Reea will gather as much detail from each lifetime as possible. The gift of good past life facilitation is knowing which questions to ask you while you are in a deep trance state. In this way your answers are recorded for you to listen to later because it can be just like a dream which fades after you awaken even though you experience its intensity in the dream state. You will also be taken to your life between lives where you will meet with your Guides to gather more information about how the lifetimes you have been shown intersect with your challenges or relationships in your current lifetime. Some clients experience lifetimes in other dimensions or on other planets.

Please read ‘session preparation’ before the day of your session.

If you have any questions contact Reea here and she will give you a call.


Soul Integration $250

“Soul Integration is full conscious awareness and acceptance of all aspects of one’s Soul.”  THEO

We are more than our physical bodies, we are grand spiritual beings who have forgotten our own magnificence.  What would it be like to fully integrate our physical being with our higher, more expansive spiritual self?    What would it be like if you could recognise the totality of your Soul and have access to all of the wisdom, skills and abilities of the Greater You?   If you are consciously on the path to Ascension Soul Integration is a necessary step.

Soul Integration is a multidimensional process that enables you to journey into your Authentic Self to unlock deep memories and discover who you really are.   Connect with the core emotional patterns that have created energetic blockages that prohibit you from being happy and at peace and seeing the world as it really is, instead of seeing it as you are.  Heal the trauma of your childhood that causes you to be triggered by certain events and revert to a childlike Ego self and prevent you from being fully in the present moment.  Recall all of your energy home to your third dimensional self so that you have 100% of your energy in the present moment to create the life you now choose.   Call home all of your fragmented aspects and be fully in the NOW and empowered.

Soul Integration sessions take 2-3 hours and must be done in person.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy $500​

​This therapy is the life work of the late Dolores Cannon chronicled in her over 20 books on the subject of past life regression. Dolores established a way of facilitating clients to connect directly to their Divine Source/Higher Self for information and instantaneous healing. Reea is trained in Dolores’ method in Quantum Healing and has facilitated many private clients to enlist the amazing power of their inner being to heal the physical and emotional bodies. This therapy is very detailed and takes a minimum of 5 hours including at least an hour of pre-induction counselling with Reea where you will give her an overview of your life and your current challenges. You will be lead into a very deep trance, down into theta brainwave state and visit yourself in another lifetime before embarking on your connection to your own Divine Source for answers and profound healing. If you are considering QHHT I strongly suggest that you read one or two of Dolores Cannon’s books.

Reea has a 48 hour cancellation policy for PLR since it is a whole day appointment. If you contact her more than 48 hours before your appointment you can change the appointment time. You can locate the Appointment Booking Fee payment button at the bottom of this page.

Before your appointment please read ‘Session Preparation’



1. A Deep Trance:
I’ve had practitioners work with me on past lives who had no knowledge of hypnosis, deep trance states or how to facilitate them. Many practitioners attempt to do past life regression from a meditative state. Meditation is similar in some ways to hypnosis but it is not the same. Some people are able to access their past lives in meditation, I can but most people can’t. If you are going to do this you need a good Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been specifically trained in past live and knows how to get you into a trance. Many people have problems doing this and may need time, good clinical practice and an experienced facilitator who knows how to problem solve to get you there. It can take 40 minutes to an hour to achieve theta brainwave state, the deepest state of the unconscious mind so you can access your past lives.

2. No Time Restraints:
You can’t rush this process. My sessions are 3-4 hours and I have had clients take 5 hours. Once you’ve entered theta state and you access a past life you will want to take your time gathering as much information as possible and learning as much as you can. I will move your through the lifetime stopping at important events in that life and then taking you to the end of the life for a life review. Your session is recorded and you will want to listen to it many times because each time you listen you learn and understand more. If you are going to do this why just experience one past life when you can go to 2 or 3 and have a really profound life changing experience by learning even more.

3. An Experienced Facilitator:
The gift in facilitating great past life experiences is having lots of tools and strategies to facilitate deep trance states and problem solve as well as knowing what questions to ask. When you are in deep trance and you are fully in the experience if your facilitator doesn’t ask the right questions the experience will be lost and forgotten just like a dream. There is much to be learnt from every experience apart from “Wow I had a life in the 1500’s!”. You will want to know why you are being shown that life, what does it have to do with your current life, what was your intention in that life, did you share it with anyone you know from this life, did you have skills and abilities in that life that you could use in this lifetime to enhance your experience and so on. If you want to know more about good question asking read one of Dolores Cannon’s books and you will understand what I mean.

4. A Personal Experience not Practitioner Relayed experience:
Some past life regression therapists who are also psychic as I am will jump the gun and tell you what your past lives are or but in with information that they are psychically picking up on. There is nothing wrong with doing this in the course of a psychic reading but when you are having a past life regression it is YOUR experience and knowing because you’ve experienced it yourself is very different from someone telling you about it. If I told you that you had a life in 1920’s prohibition America that might be interesting but if you actually experienced being there, could see, feel, hear and experience your life that is a very different thing. You cannot compare ‘KNOWING’ with being told. When you ‘KNOW’ it is profound and life changing. When you are told about a past life you had it is like watching a movie or reading a book, entertaining but forgettable.

5. The Opportunity for Healing:
If you are going to spend your time and money having this experience you will want to take advantage of any opportunities for healing that arise. I regress my clients through there current lifetime, through the womb and into the past. Many times opportunities for healing arise from this part of the experience. Your past life regression therapist needs to also be a trained healer. You may go into a past life where there is significant trauma and you therapist needs to have all the skills to deal with whatever situation arises. There are many ways to facilitate healing. I am a trained Reiki and Pranic energy healer and I use these abilities in all my client sessions. Clinical hypnotherapists are trained in neuro-linguistic programming and many other healing techniques to facilitiate maximum healing. You will want to make sure that your past life regression therapist is also trained in a wide range of healing modalites. I trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, the work of the late Dolores Cannon. Dolores found a way to invoke the Unconscious Mind and Higher Self for direct healing.

6. A Practitioner with Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge:
Anything can happen when you have a past life regression. You may go to another lifetime on Earth, you could also go to another time-space reality, another dimension, another planet. When you are in deep trance to some extent you are making yourself vulnerable to a variety of situations and experiences that you may not know how to cope with. You will feel much more relaxed and have a much better experience if you have placed yourself in the hands of a spiritual master, someone who has studied spirituality for a long time and has a good knowledge of the spirit realms and other dimensions.